Video interviews are an alternative to phone screening or first round interviewing. They let you see candidates' personality and presentation, not just a list of qualifications.

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Make better hiring decisions. Faster

Better Hiring

Efficient & effective

Screen candidates in minutes

Better information

Personality matters. Video helps you see it

More time, more applicants

Find the hidden gems


All candidates take the same interview


Create a virtual interview panel

How it works

Our video interview service lets you screen candidates more effectively than by CV alone - and it's so simple to use.

Set the questions

Write your own or choose some of ours.

Set the challenge

Two interview modes - one shot for thinking on their feet; re-record for maximum polish.

Collect Data

Complement videos with candidate profiles including CVs, photos and personal summaries.

Invite Candidates

Control Access

Make interviews Public or Private. Public invites all candidates through LaunchPad Recruits. Private only gives access to personally contacted applicants.

Manage Deadlines

Emails notify you when each interview completes.



Review responses

Interviews are stored in your secure company account.

Clear cut

All candidate information on a single page.

Compare candidates

Everyone has answered the same questions.


Shortlist or Reject each applicant. LaunchPad Recruits offers the option of handling your rejection notifications.

Collaborate & Decide

Rate candidates

At a glance star ratings for fast shortlisting.


Explain your choices in detail.


Share your shortlist with colleagues with a single emailed link.