11 Blogs Everyone in HR Needs to Read

Absorbing specialised advice from HR leaders is a great way to remain on the cutting edge in the world of recruitment. Check out this list of 11 must-read blogs to stay in the know.

The popular stereotype of an HR department as a bureaucratic and paper-pushing monolith is fast becoming a dinosaur. Today’s best HR professionals are technologically savvy, innovative, and integral to business operations. These 11 blogs provide excellent advice to stay at the forefront of this new HR landscape.

1. Change Effect

Run by Neil Morrison, a 20-year veteran of the HR industry, Change Effect covers everything HR-related, with a focus on people management and organisational needs. The posts provide advice for fellow HR workers, but not in a patronising way. Morrison blogs once a week, but his lighthearted posts will leave you wanting more!

2. Strategic HCM

The brainchild of Jon Ingham, a strategic HR consultant, speaker, and author, Strategic HCM is definitely worth the read. Ingham, a member of HR Examiner’s Top 100, provides insight not just into HR, but also its relation to wider workplace trends. It analyses other articles with a pinch of salt, leaving a lot open to the reader’s interpretation.

3. Evil HR Lady

Despite the light-hearted title and blog description, Evil HR Lady really does, as the site claims, offer practical advice for “demystifying” HR and the corporate world. Both witty and revealing, this blog is an enjoyable way to learn more about the ins and outs of recruitment. Lots of lists make this blog an easy read for anyone short of time (aren’t we all?).

4. People Stuff

Gemma Reucroft is an HR director in the medical industry and a fellow of the CIPD. Her blog, People Stuff, won the UK Recruiter Blog of the Year last year and it’s no surprise - her blog is inspirational, covering subjects including corporate life, latest HR-related news stories and issues around employee wellbeing.


Mervyn Dinnen is determined to change the attitudes around work to be something more than just where you go day in, day out. His blog, T RECS looks into the social aspects of recruiting and maintaining staff. He’s a regular contributor to other recruitment blogs and websites such as Broadbean Technology and Monster, but T RECS looks deeper into his personal opinions.

6. Keeping HR Simple

This site aims to ease the pain of HR-related headaches, particularly for small businesses. Offering straightforward and practical advice for companies and HR professionals, Keeping HR Simple boasts a wealth of positive customer reviews and recommendations. The content is engaging, advisory and a must-read blog for any small business.

7. 101 Half Connected Things

David D’Souza is a thought leader in organisational development, leadership development, talent management, engagement and performance management. He is a public speaker and writer, with a number of books to his name. His blog, 101 Half Connected Things, represents a personal view on many of the subjects he is passionate about in the workplace, with a lighthearted take on things.

8. Adjusted Development

People and transformational HR advocate Perry Timms is behind the Adjusted Development blog. He has extensive experience working in public and not-for-profit HR posts and his blog demonstrates this passion for the sectors. He believes in helping companies offer better working environments for their employees and this threads through all his blog posts.

9. The Career Café

The Career Café is run by HR expert and published author Kazim Ladimeji. A member of the CIPD, Ladimeji uses his experience with established firms, small businesses, and the RCUK Shared Services Centre to offer tailored guidance to startups and small businesses. The blog covers leadership and recruiting and retaining the best talent.

10. Martin Dangerfield

With 20 years of experience working in the recruitment and talent acquisition industry in EMEA, Dangerfield writes compelling posts in clear and bold terms. His blog posts are a valuable reference for those looking for advice on technology and upper-level recruitment, covering subjects such as maximising budgets and the challenges facing businesses.

11. Jon Ingham

Jon Ingham is an analyst, blogger, consultant and speaker in strategic, innovative HR, human capital management and organisation development including talent human and social capital. His blog offers advice about all of these subject areas in addition to nuggets of genius around relating to people in the organisation.