2018 Trends: Candidate Experience is Coming of Age

In the first of Launchpad’s series on 2018 recruitment tech trends, Chris Pateman explains why 2018 will be the year candidate experience comes of age

Recruiters have always wanted a seamless and ‘personalised journey’ for candidates. Each year, without fail, it’s highlighted as a top challenge facing in-house recruitment. So why have we still not solved the problem? One of the major blockers is being able to join all our online and offline tools and processes together to create a seamless and engaging experience. 2018 will be the year we can make it happen. Here’s why:

  • Merging of tech solutions: In the past, a lot of recruitment technologies were focused on point solutions. It was easy for in-house recruitment to become frustrated with systems that made life more complicated for their teams, such as having to perform manual tasks because systems weren’t talking to each other effectively. We are now starting to see a merging of tech solutions from big vendors and smaller companies to offer much more seamless integrations, for example branded assessment modules or video assessment that integrate smoothly.
  • Blending of attraction with the onward journey: Any recruitment process has several steps - some online some offline - and natural pauses (for example while an assessment is reviewed). Where once this meant a circuitous journey with multiple logins, it’s now branded with the same look and feel throughout, regardless of whether the candidate accesses the ATS or not. There is a big push from the tech industry to make the journey easier to navigate.
  • Personalisation of recruitment: The automation of processes (such as sending successful candidates through to the next stage or allowing them to schedule an interview) and AI (for example chatbots that enable candidates to get the information they need instantly) help to make recruitment more personalised. Communication is consistent, and different content can be served up to specific micro-audiences, making the whole process much more candidate friendly.

Thanks to new tools on the market 2018 will be the year candidate experience really comes of age. You can finally give candidates the consumer grade recruitment experience they expect.

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