2018 Trends: Employer Brand Isn't Being All Things to All People

In the second in our series on recruitment tech trends, LaunchPad's David Devine shares his top tips for cultivating a successful talent brand in 2018.

In the second of our series on 2018 recruitment tech trends, LaunchPad’s David Devine says recruiters need to speak to increasingly smaller audiences; bringing an end to antiseptic template emails and cumbersome online application forms.

With the technology we have at our disposal, a candidate should never again have to receive a standard, unengaging and impersonal message. We’ve been told to ‘think like marketers’ for a long time but we haven’t had the tools at our disposal to do so. Now recruitment tools have caught up with those that marketers have been using for years so, 2018 will be the year employer brand no longer has to be all things to all people.

Know your audience

Is the first rule of marketing. The same applies for marketing to candidates. In retail, hospitality and entertainment, our clients demand a candidate experience that is super-simple, super-fast and light touch – not asking for onerous amounts of information up-front. Meanwhile a bank (using Launchpad for video interviewing, screening and assessment) is prioritising education of candidates in early-career recruitment via tailored video content to show what it’s really like to work there.

Tips for creating a personalised experience

  • Make sure you’re not turning people off – are you using standard auto-generated emails? Long application forms? Are there unexplained pauses in the recruitment process?
  • Think like a marketer and plan your content strategy around personas – hypothetical people based on those in your identified target talent pools.
  • Consider where you can automate processes such as sending out assessments, putting successful candidates through to the next stage, scheduling interviews, to maintain engagement with candidates.
  • While personalisation is key, for example tailored video content about specific roles, keep enterprise-level narrative and story consistent across channels to build employer brand recognition.

According to our recent research, “creating a personalised experience and transparent communications” are aspirations for recruiters who know that “candidates want a consumer grade experience with a consistent look, feel, and excellent communication”. Emergent technologies including process automation, predictive analytics, machine learning and AI mean this aspiration can become a reality.

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