How to Do Automated Recruitment Without Putting Off Top Talent

Keeping ideal hires engaged in a video-led recruitment process requires solid UX design and good communication — here’s what you need to know.

Back in the early days of LaunchPad, we were something of a novelty in our field — most recruiters had never considered using video interviewing as a candidate screening tactic. In part, this was due to the fact that up until that point, the requisite technologies simply hadn’t been available or accessible enough to make it a practical approach. Companies were also genuinely worried that an automated, video-led process would be perceived as “impersonal” by candidates, and potentially alienate top talent.

Technology has since advanced and consumer preferences have shifted, and today, video interviewing has become more of a rule than an exception — in fact, a 2015 survey conducted by Korn Ferry Institute suggests that even two years ago, 71% of companies were using video interviews in their hiring process.

However, as the technology has improved and adoption rates for video interviewing have soared, the question of how to ensure a positive candidate experience during the process remains largely unanswered.

Here are a few ways to ensure your video-led recruitment process provides a positive and engaging candidate experience.

1. Be Upfront

From the beginning, be upfront about why you’re using video interviewing. Moreover, you should explain to the candidates how the process actually benefits them, both in terms of convenience and ensuring they’ll be assessed in a fair and objective manner.

2. Be Tech-Forward

For candidates, seamless accessibility, personalisation and proactive engagement are now baseline expectations in all of their digital experiences — and the application process is no exception.

3. Be Engaging

In any interview situation, making a candidate feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible should be a priority, but it’s especially important if you’re using a technology they might not be familiar with. The goal here is to humanise the process; incorporate content that showcases your company’s culture and core values, and to guide candidates through each step and answer any questions they might have along the way.

4. Be Clear

Make sure that you’re effectively communicating vital information, such as when the video invitations will be sent out, how much time it will take to complete the process and what they can expect in terms of next steps after they’ve submitted their application.

5. Be Communicative

Regardless of the outcome, the following up with each candidate is incredibly important. This ensures that they come away from the process with a positive experience and impression of your brand, even if they weren’t successful.

The overarching themes here are structure and communication: a structured interview process produces objective results that can be accurately evaluated; good communication helps each candidate feel valued and informed, keeping them motivated and on track throughout the application process. At the end of the day, these are the fundamental building blocks of a healthy, high-performing recruitment strategy.

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