Building an Employer Brand for Success

Building and projecting a strong employer brand, fostering a positive candidate experience and improving diversity and inclusion are all crucial factors in your ability to attract and retain top talent.

But many TA teams we speak to tell us that being successful in all three areas remains a major challenge - especially when branding is usually the remit of the Marketing function!

in this webinar we were joined by Laura Johnson, Recruitment Manager, Caffe Nero to discuss:

  • Creative ways you can share your ‘real’ employer brand
  • How the right approach to employer branding will improve diversity and inclusion
  • Tips on how to get non-fit candidates to deselect themselves early in the recruitment process and how you can achieve this
  • How you get your marketing team onside!


Laura Johnson, Recruitment Manager, Caffe Nero

Chris Pateman, Client Relationship Manager, LaunchPad