How Can Contact Centre Recruitment Benefit From Automation?

Automation is already being used by contact centres to improve the customer experience, but it can also benefit recruitment teams - find out how!

Why Automation in Contact Centres has Benefits for Recruiters as well as Customers

Customer experience is in the midst of mass disruption. A combination of rapidly advancing technology and increasingly high customer expectations is compelling businesses to transform the way they communicate.

“Accustomed to having everything inter-connected, 24×7, with one swipe, today’s consumers seem to be evolving faster than the customer care provided by brands” according to IBM’s 2018 contact centre trends.

We’re here to make sure this isn’t the case for contact centre recruitment - where these same business challenges are replicated for recruitment teams.

The business case for advanced automation

Advanced automation is already being used by contact centres to improve the customer experience. But it offers benefits for recruiters too. Here’s how we’re helping customers apply the latest technology to their hiring journey:

People focused on the right things: As more contact centres on-shored back to the UK, it was inevitable costs would rise. Rather than cutting staff many contact centres are starting to implement technology to reduce cost.

“It’s not about cutting staff, it’s about focusing your people on creating value-adding tasks rather than the mundane, repetitive jobs” found Raconteur in its industry report. At LaunchPad we believe it’s the same for recruitment.

By using automation for repetitive tasks like interview scheduling and sending out assessments, we free up recruiters for more value-adding activities while reducing costs. Once right-fit hires have been identified, it’s time for the TA team to take care of the part humans are best at – building relationships and nurturing future hires.

Better analytics: Advanced data analytics are helping contact centres to uncover business-critical insights and gain a competitive edge. In recruitment, data analytics are able to help identify right-fit candidates and predict high performers.

“Using effective reporting and analytics tools that are integrated with your systems makes this process automatic and valuable”. LaunchPad’s technology-agnostic platform enables companies to generate insight from every data point of every candidate journey.

Ultimately it helps companies identify and engage with the best candidates quickly. This is essential in contact centre recruitment where competition for talent is fierce and any gaps in the workforce can have an immediate impact on customer experience, and ultimately the businesses bottom line.

Self-service options: By 2020, the phone will be used only as a back-up when all self-service channels fail forecasts contact centre tech provider IBM (think of the omnichannel proposition where contact across all channels is integrated and led by customer preference).

In recruitment, candidates also expect a range of options to be available for engaging with an employer. This might be watching videos about the company, reading FAQs or attending an online chat event. Phone and email are no longer the only options for customer or candidate engagement.

By offering variety and choice in the early stages of recruitment, organisations have the opportunity to differentiate themselves through an exceptional candidate experience. As we discussed on our recent webinar, 60% of candidates quit the recruitment processes due to complexity. In contact centre recruitment where talent is in high-demand, it’s vital to keep candidates engaged, so that the best talent doesn’t go to your closest competitor.

A digital recruitment experience for a digital industry

A truly digital contact centre “redefines the customer experience from start to finish”. In recruitment, a truly digital application process delivers just the same benefits to candidates. As contact centres become increasingly tech-led, they’re looking for tech-enabled employees who can engage with customers over a range of channels. It starts with recruitment.

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