How to optimise your recruitment process in 2019

How to solve your recruitment challenges, from improving the candidates experience, finding right fit candidates faster whilst creating a fair and consistent process, using the latest recruitment technology.

LaunchPad’s Narinder Hammond, Partnerships Director and Alastair Frater, UK Head of Sales at Arctic Shores got together on our recent webinar to talk about how using cutting-edge tech, including game-based assessment, can ease some of the frustrations we face as recruiters.

The webinar included results of LaunchPad's recent candidate experience survey where we 'mystery shopped' the online application processes of more than 100 organisations.

Narinder and Alastair focused the discussion around common recruitment pains identified in LaunchPad’s research:

  • Improving candidate experience
  • Recruitment efficiencies
  • Creating a fair and consistent process

Improving candidate experience

“What we build for our clients becomes meaningless if it’s not built for the candidate”

Narinder Hammond

All the positive efforts of brand building can be wiped out by a poor candidate experience says Narinder. “Often the issue is that some legacy technology just isn’t geared up to deliver a great candidate experience.”

Results from LaunchPad's candidate experience audit also showed significant gaps in the candidate experience:

The average time to respond to a candidate is 19 days whether the candidate was successful or not. “Think about how this makes them feel and remember that at the start of their careers, people might be applying to 10 to 20 companies and they’re not brand loyal at that point” says Alastair.

90% of companies still ask for a CV regardless of what they really need to know in the early stages. “CVs are not actually linked to success, but busy line managers often see it as an easy screening method” says Alastair.

30% of companies didn’t get back to people at all. 80% of candidates say they wouldn’t reapply to a company if they didn’t hear back. “Limbo is worse than rejection” says Alastair adding that candidates may openly share details of a poor candidate experience on social media.

62% of companies had inconsistency in their hiring process. “Everyone wants to be judged fairly. If you don’t get feedback you feel unfairly treated. Companies that do this risk reducing their future pipeline and even reducing their future consumer market” says Alastair.

Recruitment efficiencies

“Recruitment efficiency isn’t just about speeding up the process. It’s about enriching the process and bringing the organisation and its products to life”

Narinder Hammond

Efficiencies include outcomes such as silver medal candidates saying they’d reapply, and fewer candidates dropping out of the process.

Automating the process, especially in the early stages of recruiting, creates additional efficiencies says Narinder.“Automation, such as video interviewing, interview scheduling, and online assessment, will not only create a quicker and slicker recruitment process, but also free up your recruitment team to focus on more strategic and value-adding activity.”

Game-based assessment has the potential to increase efficiencies says Alastair:

“Game-based assessment is accessible. It’s simple, no instructions are needed, no prior knowledge is required. It’s mobile-native, adaptive and candidates get instant feedback.”

79% of people say they feel less stressed doing game-based assessment according to Arctic Shores.

As it’s more subtle, game-based assessment removes the anxiety around maths tests or critical reasoning tests. Less stress means candidates participate freely, with no second-guessing, meaning better-fit candidates who are more likely to stay, and to succeed in the organisation.

Creating a fair and consistent process

“Clients ask how can I make a decision based on human behaviour as a result of a game? You can’t. It’s a neuroscience-based task”

Alastair Frater

A variety of human factors can lead to bias says Narinder: “Pure volume can cause bias as recruiters become fatigued. Our research shows that reviews become harsher over time as recruiters see more candidates throughout a campaign. Plus, certain reviewers are more likely to rate positively and others negatively. Our research even showed a 0.7 dip in ratings at lunch time.”

Over 20% of candidate outcomes were affected negatively and this is purely down purely to reviewer behaviour says Narinder. To ensure objectivity, accuracy and fairness automation and AI should be included in the process, such as LaunchPad’s Verify tool, which flags up biases in reviewer behaviour.

Easing recruitment frustrations with tech

Using technology can help eliminate recruitment frustrations for both recruiters and candidates. “Candidates are your brand ambassadors not a commodity, they are the future of your business.” Says Alastair.

As such, they should be treated like customers, fairly assessed and brought on board quickly. If they’re not right-fit, we still need to offer them a great candidate experience and timely feedback. Technology can help to create that exceptional candidate experience. From video-interview to stress-free assessment and slick communication.

Organisations need to source the right technology partners to be able to offer this. Fortunately, regardless of legacy systems that most organisations have implemented in the past, new platforms offer easy integrations to ease those recruitment pains.

To listen to the full webinar on our website, visit the link below.

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