Move Beyond the Application Form

Irwin Mitchell

LaunchPad helped Irwin Mitchell focus on the ‘Evolution rather than Revolution’ of their processes to develop a well executed and engaging process to deliver the results they needed.

The Challenge

Since 2012, Irwin Mitchell has changed...

With substantial organic growth, a strong programme of lateral partner hires and geographical expansion with two new offices opening, resulting in a 20% increase in trainee numbers.

The NQ retention rate had remained strong (c. 80%) but the growth plans for the firm meant there was still a need to recruit increasingly more capable talent to meet the demand.

The Approach

A new campaign was built to focus on information sharing, to move beyond the application form, ensure there was fair decision making and improve evidence matching.

IM wanted to improve the awareness of both their Business Legal Services alongside their market leading Personal Legal Services brands. Messaging was focused towards a wide range of candidate persona’s - both from a traditional and diverse range of back-grounds. 36% YonY increase in website traffic to the career pages demonstrated the impact.

Continued enhancement to the recruitment application process from their initial redesign of their assessment centre in 2010 proved fruitful. Clearly communicating their entire process on the website, provided total clarity to candidates choosing to begin the process. Progress messaging was a key feature - notifying candidates of their status and providing feedback at each transition point.

The decision to remove a telephone interviewing stage and bring the management of this stage in-house, needed to be carefully considered. With nearly 2,500 applications and over 1000 interviews for this stage, the process needed to be easy to execute. The introduction of video interviewing with LaunchPad’s recruitment solution, allowed IM to provide candidates with a seamless transition throughout their application.

IM were keen to ensure the recruitment process was totally fair and unbiased and introduced the opportunity for multiple reviewers to consider the candidate interviews and rate/score before either proceeding to assessment or rejecting. This significantly improved the process from a single outsourced telephone interviewer and ensured they were maintaining their commitment to a fair, un-biased process.

A further change by IM introduced a written exercise following the VI, which previously had not been possible with the high volumes of early stage candidates.

“The quality of applicants on the placement scheme was so much better - and are a credit to the team”


The impact from the process changes implemented by the IM recruitment team have been significant and met the business requirements perfectly. An increase in success rates of candidates being offered roles after assessment centre to 61%. An impressive 20% increase. The average candidate ‘score’ increased from 36.5 to 48 meeting the Partner requirement of improving the quality of talent.

Anecdotal feedback from both the business and candidates illustrated the results perfectly - one candidate fed back to the team “I recently completed your video interview and wanted to say thank you for the opportunity. The questions were extremely thought provoking”. A Partner commented “The quality of applicants on the placement scheme was so much better - and are a credit to the team”.