Make a Pro LinkedIn Profile and Stand Out from the Crowd

Make your LinkedIn profile stand out against other candidates' and attract numerous potential recruiters with these easy tips.

A LinkedIn profile is more often than not the first thing recruiters will see when making initial contact or researching you. It's important that your profile creates the right impression and tells them as much as possible about you and how you would add value to their company.

First impressions, according to Business Insider, are made within the first three seconds of meeting a person. In the same way, your LinkedIn profile can either interest or bore someone in the first few moments, as it is an online reflection of your personality. Your professional endeavours will benefit from ensuring that your profile communicates who you are and leaves a positive, lasting first impression.

Create the Right Profile Image

Make sure you always have a photo of yourself uploaded instead of leaving a blank image which will immediately make your profile look unattended or hastily-made. It should be a good photo of yourself where you look professional, are wearing appropriate clothing, have neat hair and are smiling nicely, as Elite Daily advises.

Make Your Goals Clear

Your profile should be angled towards a specific audience as it cannot fit into every job category. Instead of trying to make a generic profile that can appeal to any job market, chose one or two jobs or types of jobs to focus on.

Write a strong standout summary and be specific about your skills and achievements when describing how they would help you in that specific industry. Start with a three-sentence summary about yourself, make sure it is engaging and at the same time informative. Below this, add a list of your top five attributes.

Keep it Current

It is important for your profile to be active and current so that it accurately reflects what you have been up to the past few years. Your summary should be constantly revisited and updated accordingly. Ensure you are notified as soon as possible on suitable job offers by subscribing to job alerts and then using the mobile LinkedIn app to apply promptly.

Recruiters generally start their followup by contacting the first 25 percent of applicants to apply for the position before anyone else. Make sure you are a part of this group by using job alerts and also by visiting the LinkedIn site as often as possible, as Social Hire advises.

Incorporate the Right Keywords

It is not only important to use the correct professional style of language on your profile, but also to use keywords that are job search friendly. All writing on your profile should be written in the first person and should be engaging and original, according to themuse.

Highlighting your skills and ensuring that your last few jobs are listed in a clean, easily-readable format helps potential recruiters find your profile more easily. Remember to include keywords that are specific to the types of jobs you are looking for.

Monitor Who Views Your Profile

If you sign up for the more advanced version of LinkedIn, you can see everyone who has viewed your profile. Take initiative and introduce yourself to recruiters who have viewed you and ask them about any upcoming opportunities.

Even if they do not have a job for you currently, this will help them to remember you when reviewing lists of applicants or maybe add you to their connections for future opportunities. Recruiters will also see initiative as a positive attribute.

Join the Right Groups

Do not just join groups because you think the title of the group will look good on your profile. Take the time to visit the group’s page and see who is active on it and what is being said. Become an active member yourself, join in on discussions and make the most of the network the group provides.

Be Well Connected

Make as many connections on LinkedIn as possible, but do ensure that you only add people that you actually know. Experts recommend that you should have around 350-500 LinkedIn connections.

Online social networks grow exponentially – the more connections you have, the more you'll get. Lots of connections in your field helps as well, try finding people you worked with at past jobs or attended university with.

Endorsements vs. Testimonials

Focus more on getting testimonials for your profile than endorsements. It only takes one click for someone to endorse you while a testimonial takes time and thought to write out. Recruiters realise this and are a lot more interested in testimonials.

They are wary about the validity of endorsements and tend to not focus much on them. Testimonials also speak more about your personal strengths and are more detailed than numerous endorsements.

Incorporating these strategies on your LinkedIn profile will ensure that recruiters can easily find it, are drawn in immediately and are further convinced by details and testimonials. Put your best foot forward online and you are sure to have job interviews lined up in no time.