The Evolution of Graduate Hiring


Microsoft approached LaunchPad to help challenge their hiring approach for graduates and interns to meet their new focus and find the brightest thinkers out there.

The Challenge

Microsoft are changing.

Their focus is moving towards devices and services and the aspiration to embrace a joined-up way of working for customers is their top priority.

Their Graduate Hiring has never been more critical for their evolution, and attracting and selecting bright thinkers is essential.

Whilst many prospective candidates approach Microsoft every year as a matter of course, identifying those with the X or ‘M’ factor, is the aspiration.

The Approach

Working in partnership with LaunchPad & CAPP (the Strength Based Interview experts), Microsoft challenged both the structure of their hiring approach, and the target requirements for future roles.

A mapping exercise was conducted to identify the Strengths requirements and a key question model was established, where the output would be delivered by candidates through the LaunchPad video led and online assessment system.

In parallel, LaunchPad helped Microsoft develop the end-to-end experience/video messaging flow to ensure candidate engagement was core to the process, introducing customer 'employer branded' videos, customised language, video questions, along with specific score rating developed by CAPP.

The Results

Over 3,000 candidates applied to the Microsoft Campaign for 10 positions accepted (a significant increase after they removed the UCAS points requirement from application - with an additional 1500+ applicants)

Strengths based video screening de-selected 25% more candidates than through the use of telephone interviewing.

56% of Interns passed the video interview (in comparison to 62% who passed the telephone interview last year at the same stage)

39% of Grads passed the video interview (in comparison to 64% who passed the telephone interview last year at the same stage)

Females out performed males at the video interview stage (MACH by 11%, Intern 5%) - a significant improvement from previous programmes.

Female graduate hire went from 33% to 57%

Overall there was a 32% drop in attrition year on year.