Recruiters see Recruitment Automation as Key to Better Hiring Decisions...

Research carried out by London-based LaunchPad Recruits has found that in-house recruitment teams believe recruitment automation will be key to making better and more consistent hiring decisions.

Research carried out by London-based LaunchPad Recruits has found that in-house recruitment teams believe recruitment automation will be key to making better and more consistent hiring decisions. Recruiters want to play a more strategic role in business and technology will enable them to do so, according to the report, with 72% saying they want to automate more of the hiring process within the next three years.

The Changing Face of In-House Recruitment, released today, finds that fragmented technology, internal processes, and the pressure to deliver on recruitment targets are detrimental to current hiring practices and even to the perceived value of the in-house team. Recruiters increasingly want to adopt recruitment automation to create better candidate engagement, efficient processes, and therefore better recruitment outcomes.

LaunchPad’s research found that only 36% of respondents feel their business highly values the recruitment function. The study exposed a number of reasons for this that span reporting, stakeholder buy-in, capability and the pressure to fill roles. Key priorities for recruiters are to be able to make consistent high-quality decisions (44%), to create efficiencies (28%) and to improve candidate engagement (18%).

Recruiters would like to make use of more technology to deliver added value to businesses. Over the next three years in-house recruiters would like to make use of automation (72%), gamification (30%), chatbots (28%) and AI (25%). However, whether they believe their organisations will make the investment is less certain with only a quarter (26%) believing their business will be using AI in three years’ time.

Commenting on the research, Will Hamilton, Founder and Managing Director at LaunchPad Recruits said: The recruitment process that in-house teams are striving for is rigorous, fair, engaging and time-efficient - which is where tech comes in. There is certainly an appetite in the in-house community for adoption of technology that will allow organisations to create a compelling and seamless candidate journey whilst also freeing up recruiters’ time for more strategic activity.”

“To bring focus to strategy, recruiters need to consider how technology can help them create an efficient end-to-end process to bring the best talent into the business. For example, using automation to improve candidate engagement, video-interviewing to reduce drop-out rates or machine learning to help screen for right-fit candidates.”

He concluded: “Advances in recruitment technology mean that making better, fairer, objective decisions at scale is achievable and I believe tech is one of the major influencing factors on how well in-house recruitment functions can perform.”

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Notes to editors

About the research

LaunchPad Recruits carried out this research during Q3 of 2017. The research sample includes respondents from more than 60 organisations. Target respondents are directors, heads of, managers and professionals in recruitment and talent acquisition functions. Data collection included a survey and client interviews.

Contributors to the report include:

Bill Boorman, Founder #tru Conferences

Thomas Bucaille, former Chief People Officer, Ralph Lauren

Ross Fernandez, Talent Acquisition Director, Avis Budget Group

George Melia, Recruitment Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland

Andrew Sage, Talent and Recruitment Manager, Live Nation Entertainment

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