Recruiters and Hiring Managers: Same Goal, Different Perspectives

Recruiters and hiring managers want the same thing. The right people, in the right roles, at the right time. So why is there often a disconnect between the two roles?

Recruiters and hiring managers want the same thing. The right people, in the right roles, at the right time. But tension in the relationship between recruiters and managers is something we often encounter.

For one of our hospitality clients frustration arose from legacy technology that meant managers couldn’t post jobs or generate status reports. At another of our clients in the retail sector, tension arose because recruiters struggled to provide a consistent recruitment experience across a geographically distributed network of stores, each with its own recruiting manager.

In the worst scenarios, businesses lose right-fit candidates because the recruitment process becomes derailed due to a lack of partnership between recruiters and hiring managers. As the role of the TA function changes and more focus is brought onto the importance of people, it’s essential that the TA team can work effectively with its primary stakeholders – hiring managers.

Working towards the same goals

Our latest research, The Changing Face of In-House Recruitment, looked at the aspirations of in-house recruiters and found that “getting hiring managers to understand the importance of a good candidate experience to avoid unnecessarily losing good candidates” is a key concern for recruiters.

Helping the recruitment function to become more effective by winning buy-in from managers is a theme explored during our recent webinars.

Dave Millner, the HR Curator, joined us to talk about the ‘6Cs’ for recruiters. The 6Cs are a framework for applying stronger communication, influencing and storytelling skills in order to steer the business towards common goals.

To listen to Dave’s advice on how talent teams can become more commercial, credible, courageous, confident and capable you can listen to our webinar on How Talent Acquisition Teams Can Show Their Value or read a summary on our blog here.

Bill Boorman, founder of #Tru Conferences, predicts that in the future recruiters will need to think more like project managers to be in a position to influence the business. Part of this evolution will be more dependence on technology he says, so recruiters are freed up to “work beyond the today”. You can read more on Bill’s predictions or listen online to the webinar

Using technology to bridge the gap

Technology has the potential to empower hiring managers, providing them with tools to bring consistency to the hiring process and to make fair and consistent hiring decisions. Recruiters benefit too, being able to work with hiring managers more efficiently by involving them only when candidates have already been identified as right for the role.

How LaunchPad’s technology can be used to bridge the gap:

  1. It can configure a consistent experience for candidates regardless of hiring manager or location in which they’re looking for work. The same screening, assessment, selection and communication process for all.
  2. It provides access to user-friendly live reporting for hiring managers to check the status of roles, progress of candidates, feedback and assessment results.
  3. Create a quicker and smoother process with the use of automation. Progress candidates quickly to the next stage and keep them updated with little input needed from hiring managers.
  4. Provide assurance that recruitment decisions are fair. Tools like LaunchPad’s VERIFY remove the risk of bias that can creep in at the later stages of hiring.

“A core challenge is that many applicant tracking systems (ATS) aren’t designed to provide the best user experience for hiring managers and candidates that use such systems” says Andrew Sage, Talent and Recruitment Manager at Live Nation Entertainment. “Through technology investment, better experiences can be designed for candidates and hiring managers, as well as selection and employer brand channels.”

At LaunchPad this is what we aim to achieve with our recruitment automation platform that delivers a seamless recruitment experience for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.