Attitude Trumps Knowledge - We're Anything but the Same

Three Mobile

LaunchPad helped Three Mobile ensure their hiring ‘behaviour’ reflected their culture both in the way they communicated with, screened and selected candidates, but also in their aspiration to be an inclusive employer.

The Challenge

Three Mobile are the UK’s fastest-growing mobile network. They like to work with people who’s thinking is left-field, and who are full of ingenious ideas. They search for individuals who are happy to head off into the great unknown.

So when the organisation began to evaluate the performance of new hires into the retail team, they recognised where change needed to occur.

High turnover after only three months in post, clearly illustrated the need for more precise messaging, more inclusive engagement with candidates beyond their typical 18 - 30 year old men (if they were going to achieve their hiring targets) and to build in assessment against their cultural indicators.

The Approach

In parallel with a number of messaging changes and UX design adjustments driven in partnership with their attraction experts - 33 and AIA, Three Mobile decided to integrate LaunchPad’s video interviewing platform firmly into the heart of their process.

A total of 7528 candidate video interviews have been completed in the last year following a pilot phase to test the commentary required to bring candidates comfortably into the process, test the effectiveness of the questions posed, and be sure the review process was fair and un-biased.

The organisation launched a programme which demonstrated their commitment to inclusive hiring - removing the previous reliance upon CV’s, removing an out of date SJT assessment and reducing the need for work history to be the determinant of suitability, when motivation and values were the true indicator of suitability. All changes which removed barriers to entry.


Video interviewing resolved the issue of their target audience not having the resources to travel to interviews and reduced time to hire by 2 days, resulting in increased efficiency.

The genuine and relevant interaction through video interviewing provided a clear context of the job role and ensured the candidates were aware of the brand as an employer vs. as a consumer therefore increasing brand awareness.

Being at the forefront of the video interview revolution, Three Mobile positioned themselves as innovative and cutting edge therefore differentiating themselves from competitors.

More effective reviewing was clearly illustrated by the recruitment team "We have the convenience of reviewing all the interviews in one sitting, or spacing them out over time, whenever it is convenient. We don’t review CVs and thus the conscious bias associated with no experience is removed”.

In comparison to traditional screening methods, Three Mobile were able to screen more candidates in addition to candidates from various locations naturally leading to better quality candidates and better results.