Choosing Technology Over Tradition


Hiring the right Holiday Representatives and Entertainers across Europe was really important to TUI. When the opportunity came to evaluate their current recruitment process, they recognised that LaunchPad could deliver success through the use of innovative technology.

The Challenge

Andrew Willis, Group Head of Recruitment for TUI, wanted a better way to engage candidates with their employer brand and was also frustrated by the elongated selection process.

Their current process was not streamlined, was slow and needed to be more open.

TUI recognised that there was a more innovative way to improve their process and Launchpad were excited to be selected from 5 other providers after a strict tender process in January 2015.

The Approach

TUI and Launchpad worked closely together to ensure a smooth implementation process. Launchpad worked in a flexible and consultative manner by helping TUI to create engaging video content to ensure that candidates were not only excited by the TUI brand but also had a clear understanding of the role and the personalities that would fit.

Launchpad provided best practice advice and guidance to ensure that the solution was going to improve their selection of candidates by creating realistic job profiles, replacing telephone interviews with video assessments, allow easy access to reviewing and sharing of candidate responses and creating an auditable process to understand the key hiring decisions made.


TUI put 2,918 candidates through a video assessment and reduced the reviewer time by 75% (from 122 telephone interview days to 30 video assessment days). By simplifying the selection process TUI reduced their time to hire, 90% of candidates were hired within 4 weeks when previously it took 9 weeks. Cost of hire was also reduced with 2 in 10 candidates offers made from a previous 1 in 10.

Their employer brand messaging and realistic job profiling also had a very positive impact within the process and ensured an increase in attendees to the assessment centre. Previously there was a challenge receiving applications from candidates who loved the idea of working abroad but the actual reality of the role was very different. By making this clear within the process, TUI received better quality and qualified candidates for the roles.

Candidates loved the experience! Launchpad asked all candidates to complete a survey asking for their feedback and 91% said they enjoyed the experience, 99% agreed that the TUI customised instructions were clear, 93% felt more positively about the company, 72% prefer doing a video assessment to a telephone interview.