How to Make your Recruitment Process More Efficient

In our recent webinar Hannah Rolph, Head of Graduate Recruitment, Newton Europe, gave insights into how Newton Europe used a data-driven approach to transform their recruitment process.

Hannah shared insights including:

  • How they increased candidate applications by 73%
  • How to communicate effectively with stakeholders across the business to ensure buy-in for any changes in process.
  • How Newton Europe used data to improve recruitment efficiency.


Hannah Rolph, Head of Graduate Recruitment, Newton Europe
Hannah is an experienced Graduate Recruiter with a passion for placing young people into their dream role. Hannah has a background as an Occupational Psychologist with an interest in the relationship between people and the workings of an organisation. She enjoys analysing situations to provide solutions which enhance the working environment for individuals but also make business sense.

Tobias Hardy, Client Services Director, LaunchPad Recruits
Tobias is a Client Solutions Director at LaunchPad and has over 8 yrs experience helping HR departments use technology to solve problems. Passionate about employee engagement, his experience includes recruitment, benefits, reward and recognition and L&D giving him a breadth of knowledge and experience of behavioural change.