3 Reasons Why Video Interview Technology Is Vital to Your Company's Success

The world of recruiting is quickly transitioning across the board to adopt new video interviewing technology. What benefits have companies enjoyed since making the leap, and why should your company do the same?

Recruiting is not an easy task. With hundreds of applicants and one specific job description, the pressure’s on to find the perfect match. So how do companies like Virgin Media, The Restaurant Group, and Mash Marketing pull off this daunting endeavor with style and ease? They use an emerging form of recruitment: video interviewing.

Here are three reasons why your company should join the movement.

1. You’ll Save Time and Money

About Careers argues that video interviewing allows hiring managers and recruiters to conduct first-round interviews more quickly and efficiently, since arranging face-to-face meetings or even phone calls can be expensive and inconvenient.

Without all the crazy scheduling problems and travel details to coordinate, you’ll be able to quickly weed out the less desirable candidates while moving the most qualified talent to the top of your pile.

Not only does the interviewing process become faster, but it becomes more cost effective as well. Video interviewing completely eliminates transportation costs by allowing you to meet candidates face-to-face virtually, anywhere, at any time.

It also allows HR staffs to effortlessly share candidate profiles and other relevant information, a clear example of the old adage that time saved is money saved, too.

As the job recruitment world becomes increasingly globalised, companies are making sure that their recruitment process can adapt. Video interviewing makes it possible to hire anyone from anywhere around the globe.

As a result, recruiters are able to interview candidates that they may have never even come in contact with otherwise. With the opportunity to find candidates hailing from virtually anywhere around the world, how could you miss finding the perfect person for the job?

2. Your Recruitment Process Is a Reflection on Your Business

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if your hiring process is smooth, easy, and efficient, candidates will more likely want to work for your company. A company’s recruitment style is usually a good way to judge one’s future employment experience, and it’s the first impression your business will make on future hires.

Moreover, charisma, work ethic, and integrity are not always obvious to a recruiter on paper. This is where video becomes crucial in making sure that candidates have the right personality as well as the right qualifications. And because nearly 90% of paperwork uses the same format, verbiage, and content, video interviewing adds a component of creativity to the hiring process, according to Recruiter.

With more dynamic, qualified candidates taking part in a streamlined, applicant-friendly recruiting process, the chances of a perfect match rise exponentially.

3. Video Interviewing Is the Future of Recruiting

About Careers points out that, as the global population becomes more acquainted and comfortable with technology, the web recruitment industry will continue to grow precipitously. Companies are now using video recruitment to hire at all levels of employment, from entry-level workers to experienced professionals.

According to RIVS, 90% of hiring managers already have experience using video platforms and plan to continue or increase their use of video recruiting in the future. Experts believe that paper resumes will eventually become obsolete and that video profiles will become the primary tool for job recruitment.

Still Not Convinced? Ask the Recruiters

LaunchPad Recruits client Mash Marketing will tell you themselves:

Bringing personality to our hiring process is front and centre in our minds when we’re selecting Mashers for our clients’ campaigns. LaunchPad has allowed us to connect quickly with candidates, getting a real understanding of their ability to be the type of high-quality staff we’re famous for – but more importantly, it gives us an opportunity to showcase their talents. Our partnership with LaunchPad has been a key factor in improving our recruitment process, and we’d happily recommend them to anyone looking to do the same.

BlueGlue, another client of LaunchPad’s, also enjoyed a seamless transition into their new hiring process: “After engaging with my customers about the concept of using video interviewing, they gave me a resounding YES. And with the help of…the Launchpad team, we’ve smoothly transitioned to this approach without a hitch. Exciting times!”

LaunchPad allows you to expedite the hiring process, making it cheaper, faster, and more efficient. It’s not surprising that all businesses are expected to exclusively use video interviewing for hiring new talent in the near future: hiring managers need the time and resources to make good decisions. The quicker and smoother the process becomes for you, the higher quality employees you will attract and hire.