7 Reasons We Should Learn to Love AI

Would you trust artificial intelligence to make recruitment decisions? We demystify machine learning and show the benefits that AI can bring to your recruitment team.

AI in Recruitment: Why we should learn to love AI

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are in our everyday lives making things easier, quicker and more convenient. But when it comes to business, we’ve got reservations.

Who wants clever code bossing them around? Asks HBR. Will the ‘autonomy creep’ of machine learning continuously challenge human oversight? Despite the performance of algorithms, we’re less likely to choose them over a person – even when the algorithm outperforms the human.

So, while most organisations aren’t yet ready to hire their first Chief AI Officer, there are plenty of reasons to learn to love AI.

1. It amplifies our strengths

AI has the capability to extend our physical capabilities, for example, taking care of high volume attraction, screening, assessment, video interviewing and scheduling so we’re freed up to work to our strengths. By providing the right information at the right time, using AI means we can be more analytical and make better decisions.

2. It improves candidate engagement

We’ve seen this in action in our recent webinars (Caffe Nero, Meet & Engage) and in our industry community forums. Collaboration with AI enables organisations to interact with employees and candidates in innovative and effective ways – such as live online chats and chatbots for answering candidate questions.

3. It provides a personalised experience

Providing customers with individually tailored brand experiences is the holy grail of marketing. From videos targeted at specific applicants to personalised email communications, AI makes the personalised experience possible in the world of recruitment too.

4. We can learn from the past

Every time we go through the recruitment process, a substantial amount of data is created but often isn’t captured. AI means we can learn from every experience. LaunchPad’s platform collects and collates every single data point from every candidate journey, helping organisations to make recruitment more successful. For example, are certain groups of candidates dropping out of the process? And if so where? Is there a significant renege rate? What’s causing it?

5. It removes bias

Human decision making can actually obscure an organisation’s path forward. We might “cherry-pick data that supports their viewpoint; or….discard data that contradicts [our] gut feeling” LaunchPad’s platform removes bias from the hiring process helping organisations and managers to make fairer, more objective decisions.

6. It identifies right-fit

Until recently, right-fit for a role depended on the traditional interview. AI enables us to apply science to the idea of right-fit. Right-fit takes into account organisational culture, values and other attributes important to your business. LaunchPad PREDICT applies machine learning to identify high potential candidates. For organisations that have been collecting data for a period of time, we can use data on performance of past hires to predict high-potentials in the candidate pool.

7. It improves decision-making

By providing recruiters with insights from data, AI helps us make better hiring decisions which is at the heart of what we do at LaunchPad. Rather than seeing AI as either a tool or as bossy code (!), we believe that collaboration with technology is the way to create an exceptional candidate experience and make better hiring decisions.

We hope these thoughts about AI have helped to trigger an “openness of mind to collaborate with the machine”.

Interested in how AI and machine learning can improve your recruitment process? Find out about our predictive solution LaunchPad PREDICT.