Predictive Hiring

Predict and identify right fit talent early and accelerate your time to hire.

Using AI in Recruitment

Imagine if you could predict which candidates would be the perfect fit for your organisation, quickly and consistently, with the assurance that there is no bias in the process. Now you can. LaunchPad Predict combines best practice from occupational psychology, machine learning, and human decision making to identify which candidates will be high performers, whilst highlighting any hidden gems that may have been missed through traditional screening techniques.

Hire faster and more efficiently

Struggling to review all of your applications?

Make your life easier. Predict, the latest in AI recruitment software uses state of the art machine learning to identify high potential candidates from video interviews. Time to hire is accelerated allowing you to focus on what’s important in your day job; connecting with top talent.

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Improve hiring decisions

Combine machine learning and human decision making to ensure fairer, more consistent hiring decisions and reduce both the risk of missing hidden gems & hiring unsuitable candidates.

Discover how recruitment analytics can improve decision making

Increase candidate engagement

Using predictive analytics imagine how seamless the candidate journey can be. In a matter of minutes, following the completion of their application, strong candidates can be invited to and accept the next stage in the interview process.

No more lengthy waiting process for candidates, meaning heightened brand engagement and less chance of candidates accepting offers from other organisations.

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