Supercharge your ATS with flexible modules or our full-service platform.

Make your process on-demand, automated, unbiased.

Working with your existing technology, LaunchPad provides you with options that best answer your specific hiring needs. That means you can access multiple benefits that include improvements across the entire experience, to your decision making, and to increased efficiencies.

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Application, Assessment & Analytics

Quick Apply

Quick Apply

The first step in the process is now the easiest for candidates. Use Quick Apply to make that initial application seamless, easy and of course ‘quick’. Reduce the candidate drop off through clumsy and complex initial applications, and includes level of screening within the user-friendly process.



Enjoy the flexibility of hosting your own assessment questions or use LaunchPad to design a custom solution. Our expert team of IO psychologists specialises in designing assessment criteria and processes to ensure you have candidates who are the ‘right fit’ for your team. This service adds high-level, time-saving automation with screening, delivers automated feedback to unsuccessful candidates, and advances suitable candidates quickly, efficiently and consistently.

3rd Party Assesments

Integrated Assessments

Integrate best of breed assessment tools from other providers into your seamless candidate experience. We have pre-built integrations with Games Based Assessments, psychometics and coding assessments or i you already have your assessment criteria or supplier embedded, then we can implement and integrate those assessments on your behalf. You don’t need to change what works, instead you can make it work even harder.

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Predict AI

Predict© AI – decision automation

Included with video interviewing, Predict gives you automated decision making that removes individual bias. It streamlines key elements within the process, combining the best of machine learning and human decision making to identify ideal candidates from your video interviews.


Verify – data-led decision making

Combining data analytics and machine learning technology, Verify removes unconscious bias from decision making, and at the same time allows you to identify bias in your existing review process. You can remain confident that every new hire represents the best possible decision, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. In turn, this leads to a more diverse and inclusive workplace, and a more engaged, innovative and successful business.



Powerful data analytics are a tool for continuous improvement. They can help you shape your processes and messages to correctly identify and engage with your candidates, at the right time in the application journey. Analytics also provide insights into reviewer behaviour, in support of consistent and fair hiring decisions.


Video Interviewing

On-demand Video Interviewing

Candidates want convenience and ease-of-use, and on-demand video interviewing provides them with 24 hour a day access. At the same time, it gives you the ability to set interview questions and response criteria, ensuring a consistent, fair and unbiased process.

Self Scheduling

Interviewing + Self Scheduling

Combining all the benefits of our interviewing modules, the addition of self scheduling saves a disproportionate amount of time and effort for your recruiters. Integrated with your company calendars, it completely removes a cumbersome, labour intensive manual task – while increasing the speed and likelihood of getting candidates to the next stage.


Live Video Interviewing

The perfect time to really build a connection between your brand and your candidate, LaunchPad can help you with Live Video Interviews, and Face to Face Interviewing – all incorporating tailored assessment design.

Advice, Services & Integration

Professional Services

Professional Services

Our experts provide the expertise to make our tech solve your unique challenges. They cross every element of our offering from designing fit-for-purpose assessments and screening through to advice and assistance to ensure your choices are implemented effectively. You can access comprehensive support or a light touch to get things running smoothly

ATS Integration

ATS Integration

Traditional ATS systems aren’t designed to handle the different demands of volume or niche recruitment. LaunchPad powers the candidate experience and assessment process while maintaining your existing ATS as the system of record. Our integration model means there’s no disruption to your current process. See our partners here.

"I’m really pleased with the service from LaunchPad. The platform is very user friendly and we’ve had great feedback from our candidates. It has definitely modernised our testing methods! Your team are incredibly responsive and helpful too. An absolute pleasure!"

Senior Resourcing Advisor - BBC World Service

"LaunchPad allows the interviewer to invite the right applicants to the face to face interview. This saves precious time when on a tight time scale"

Sarah McGuire - Manchester Airports Group

"Our process came to life in a much more professional and attractive way from a candidate experience because of the ease of using Launchpad, and the video assessment really has helped in assessing the quality of the candidates applying. A great experience all round"

Debbie Dobson, Head of Resourcing CoE - Serco